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Escalation Baine

TB Baine & Rune Spear

 Baine 3D Model 

Troll in Might Armor

Tauren race from Warcraft

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Fur Material Test

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    This is a work in progress character that I started a long time ago and but now I decided to finish it. I always wanted to see a Tauren hero being focused in blizzards main story arcs so I decided to recreate one of my in-game characters into a high-resolution 3d model to tell a story of my own. However, back then, my organic modeling skills weren't so polished so I started modeling the armor based off my character’s Battle Gear of Might set.


    I managed to get the rough shapes and even did a previz animation to see how would the armor look when moving. At some point, I stopped working on this project because I entered in a master's degree and started working as a professor at the same time. Fast forward present day, I have gained now considerably more knowledge on organic modeling and in other areas such as rigging and texturing. My current goal is to finish this character by the end of this year. Eventually, I want to rig and animate it to import it into a game engine and create some hack&slash gameplay while telling the original story I had planned.

    There are a few additional things that are worth mentioning. I changed the overall character body shape, I was using old vanilla wow Tauren body type when I made the armor but I really like the more upright design of Baine in the Escalation promo art. So I retrofit the armor  to

match the new Tauren body type. So far I think it looks cool and more imposing.


    Right now I’m experimenting with fur,  there are a few techniques I am exploring such as hair poly cards, texture painting, and Nvidia Hair works simulations. However, since Warcraft has a certain style to it, this is where I’m facing the most challenge.  I want to create a bridge between the current in-game warcraft graphics and high-end cinematic visuals. 

    Along with the fur experiments, I am also tinkering with the Allegorithmic program suite. While I am used to photoshop and ZBrush painting approach I know substance eventually will provide a faster approach in some types of painting techniques. For substance painter, I managed to feel more comfortable after I found out that substance painter does indeed allow to paint UVs that are beyond 0 to1 space by using proper settings. Without this, It would be harder to achieve the quality I was looking for.


     By the second day of working with the program, I already explored all the interface and navigated it well. I am still a bit clunky on the painting side but since I fully understand the PBR pipeline its just a matter of time till fully get used to it. So far it has been a nice overall experience with substance painter.