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Policy Trailer

Published Version 

Previz Breakdown

Layouts Breakdown


Particle Effects

Software Used


Darien Figueroa

Sounds / Music Composition

VFX and Compositing


    This project was for the most prominent movie theater chain in the Caribbean. Before the beginning of every movie, this animation plays and it announces the rules of the movie theater, birthday party services, social media, and online ticket sales. Moreover, they also sell product placement spots for major brands such as Mars and Coca-Cola to earn extra revenue.


My main role in this project was laying out the scenes with the assets provided by the modelers and animate the cameras through them. The client wanted to recreate the same spaceship ride experience from a previous policy trailer they had back in the 90s (watch here). However, in this case, we had to add additional information for new services and break down product placement for different regions in the Caribbean. The team decided to break down zones by product placement types and we would “Hyper Speed” jumps to each one of them.


As soon as the storyboards were handed in, I did some tests on timing and found the difficulties in animating a one-shot camera.

In addition, stand-alone scene files were heavy and we couldn’t just have them all in one file. To resolve these issues, I decided to add transition checkpoints in the path of the camera so we could work and render each zone separately. I managed to create a rough animation so modelers could start producing assets.

Everything worked as planned. Once I was done with the animation, I was reassigned to other duties outside this project. However, the client kept requesting changes and with each change, the team had to revisit the one-shot camera animation I made. At some point, the requests to make changes got more frequent with tighter deadlines. By then it was impossible to make changes as quickly as they wanted so they switched to traditional camera transitions instead of using a one-shot camera. This is why there are some discrepancies between the published and breakdown versions demonstrated.


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