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Final Render 

Final Pod tomb.jpg

Animations Breakdown


Software Used

    “Gladiator in You” was a commercial for Atlantic University College formerly known as Atlantic College. I worked on various roles such as modeler, animator, and rigger. Our goal with this commercial was to demonstrate the college’s faculty skill sets while also motivating more students to enroll at the university. On an additional note, this project was realized in a month, which was a challenge because we also had other academic responsibilities.

I modeled the second and final version of the pod based on the concept art provided. I visualized the functionality of the pod opening and how much time it would take. The inside part of the pod was modeled under 24 hours due to strict deadlines. I didn't create UVs for these models since the art director decided to use camera projection mapping to speed up the texturing process. When the pod was finished, I animated the shield based on a spear animation created by the project director. I also created several ideas for the ending shot as we had no storyboard reference for that scene. I used 3ds max biped to block out fast ideas and the final animation was done in Maya with a provided rig. Overall it was a great experience despite the strict time constraints.




Darien Figueroa

Sounds / Music Composition

VFX and Compositing

Art Director

Rodrigo Barasorda

Project Director / Character Modeler

Concept Artist & Shader Assignments


Lead Concept Artist

Modeling Breakdown

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